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Casa Suaya Hotel Boutique - Home Resort shows you the best of José Ignacio, a small fishing village located only 40 minutes away from Punta del Este that has become a very desirable destination.

One of the main reasons to visit it is the beauty and tranquility of its exclusive beaches; another is its gastronomy. The restaurants of the village are a good attraction for those who want to taste, not only the best seafood, but also the original and trendy dishes prepared by well-known chefs of the region.

José Ignacio maintains its essence as a country town immersed in the sea, which makes it a unique destination. Do not hesitate to visit José Ignacio town!
Lighthouse of José Ignacio
One of the main tourist attractions of José Igancio, the José Igancio Lighthouse was illuminated in 1877 and built on the most protruding and rocky end of the peninsula, as it is a very dangerous area for navigation due to the fact that it is surrounded by reefs. It has a height of 25 meters and a luminous range of 12,7 nautical miles.
The Garzón Lagoon
The Garzón Lagoon is a natural wonder and its bridge an architectonic phenomenon that Uruguay has; one of the world's benchmarks in terms of construction and innovation. It is the only ring-shaped bridge in the world and links the departments of Rocha and Maldonado in a magical surrounding.
Bikini Beach
During the day it is a spectacular beach where you can relax and have a swim, nevertheless, when the evening comes and sunset approaches, it is one of the best unforgettable plans you can make. The sunset will not leave you indifferent. You can also enjoy the music and cocktails at the beach bar while you watch the sunset.