Casa Suaya Hotel Boutique is an unavoidable fact in the life of any lover of the pleasant excellence of summertime.
Living etc UK November 2008
“The best for….glamour next to a wild beach, Latino style”.
Why? Compared to the Hamptons of 30 years ago, this fishermen village in Uruguay became a fancy refuge by the sea to celebrities, it is a place you should visit before it becomes too popular.
“LA NACION” Weekly magazine– Special Edition “Summer Deco”
On the sand of José Igncio, the entrepreneur Adolfo Suaya built his home, a boutique hotel and restaurant, fusing the environment with the interior. A warm and cozy atmosphere was created with refined details and natural elements.
Daring to absolute calmness, losing oneself amidst the synesthesia of continuous pleasure is the perfect formula to live a perpetual and matchless summer. Just like Casa Suaya Hotel Boutique.
Cuisine & Vins Magazine – January 2010
“A HOUSE BY THE SEA – the famous restaurateur and entrepreneur Adolfo Suaya opens once again the doors to Casa Suaya Hotel Boutique, his luxurious boutique hotel in José Ignacio…”
7 Días Magazine – January 5, 2010
CHARLY’S REPOSE – “After 4 years, the rock star was acquitted from the charges which kept him away from Punta…”
Para Ti Magazine January 22, 2010
JULIETA ORTEGA – “I still believe that it’s great to be in couple”
Casa Suaya Hotel Boutique’s suites are atonishing…they all overview the beach and the ocean. The structure is really simple; you have your own living room with an open kitchen and a fireplace and a big bedroom with the most comfortable bed you’ve ever experienced in any hotel.
The hottest up-and-coming beach scene in the world, Jose Ignacio is a glittery bohemia of sleepy beach architecture and high fashion residents…. Adolfo Suaya has meticulously created a rambling beachside estancia offering four acres of rolling pampas, horse pastures and sandy dunes